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Custom Timber Processing

McVicars has been treating and processing timber since 1945 for local and export markets.  Our dedicated processing facilities enable industrial timber treatments, kiln drying and custom sawmilling and machining for project and batch lot processing requirements.  Weigh bridge and full materials handling support is available including custom wrapping and containerisation. 

Custom Treatment

McVicars has a wide range of specialist timber treating services available from H1.2 Boron, CCA H3 to H6, and LOSP H3.1.

We can treat roundwood and large dimension timbers.  High volume capacity and full materials handling support services available.

Custom Sawmilling

McVicars can provide a custom sawmilling service for non-standard and large dimension sizes and beams to meet unique construction and renovation requirements. 

Large capability for contract custom timber machining including gauging and specialist dressing profile mouldings  

Contract Kiln Drying

With seven large American Wood Dryer kilns, McVicars offers custom timber drying services supported by a wealth of experience and expertise in this specialist area.  Full materials handling support is available including wrapping, packing and transportation.


Customer Service

McVicars can ...  

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