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Wood Frame of House

Building Materials

Since 1945 we've been making timber and supplying reliable building products for quality housing and commercial construction projects. We supply nationwide hardware and DIY retail chains and many independent hardware stores around the country. Export clients in Australia and Asia are also large consumers of McVicar building materials.  

Residential Housing

McVicars manufactures a full range of quality timber products for building and rennovations from renewable New Zealand radiata pine: house framing, piles, foundations, flooring, decking and a range of weatherboard sizes and profiles. 

We also import and distribute a variety of responsibly produced hardwood products including flooring from the Pacific and South America. 


Fencing, decking, sleepers, bark, timber for garden beds, bulk woodchip - McVicars has your landscaping needs covered.  A full range of durable treatments is available as well as non-treated products.

Our treated radiata pine crib wall retaining system is a specialty and ideal for both small and large scale retaining projects.

Wholesale landscape design and supply enquiry is welcome.

Commercial Projects

We regularly work with construction companies on large scale building projects supplying framing, timber beams, appearance timbers, fencing and products like sleepers and woodchip for landscaping requirements. 

Our custom sawmilling service may be able to supply specific over-size or non-standard sizes and profiles. Specialist industrial timber treatments for durability are available as well. 

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Poles, posts, palings and rails.  We do it all. Whether you're fencing, building stock yards, a deck or a barn, McVicars has the quality products you need.  Timber for pallets and packaging is consistently available. 

We also have bulk wood chip available for animal bedding and mulching.

McVicar building products are available through leading building and hardware suppliers, see HERE
Contact details for wholesale enquiries HERE
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