Wood Piles

Import Export

McVicars has a long history of importing and exporting timber products including hardwoods and plywoods. McVicars has been a regular supplier of treated timber to Australia for more than 40 years.  Asian destinations include Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, and China.  McVicars' operation includes extensive areas for loading and unloading of containers to meet all regulatory requirements.

Radiata Pine Lumber

McVicars specialise in the supply of Radiata Pine timber.  From pallet and formwork grades, furniture timber, fencing, decking and landscaping treated timbers, to house framing and structural members. We can do it all including custom sawmilling of oversize dimensions

Building Products

McVicars have a long history of importing and exporting timber and building products including hardwoods, flooring plywoods, hardware, even marble stone! 

Container Woodchip

We have sustainably grown New Zealand radiata pine woodchip available for export to international markets with full containerisation and documentation support. 

Crib Walling

Treated New Zealand radiata pine kitset crib walling system for commercial, roadside or residential  applications in New Zealand or international markets. Made from H5 treated pine and available for container shipments as required.