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Woodchip and Bark Mulch

McVicars produces truckloads of woodchip everyday from our sawmill and processing facility.  We currently supply for MDF manufacture but have volume available for other uses including container export. Bulk contract supply of clean, non-treated, radiata pine woodchip is available to support a variety of commercial end-uses. Export options are available too.

Animal Bedding

Free draining and hard wearing, pine wood chip is an attractive alternative commercial bedding material to traditional straw.  Wood chip bedding requires less frequent additions, keeps animals cleaner, and can be more cost effective especially in drought years when straw can be scarce.  Can be used in indoor shelters or outside pads. There is also research supporting reduced green house gas (nitrogen) emissions of woodchip over straw during the manure handling and composting process. Ideal for dairy operations during calving.

Industrial orders only.    

Boiler Fuel

Our woodchip makes a perfect boiler fuel.  It is of consistent size, free flowing with little or no dust. A great source of good energy and above all carbon neutral.  More and more boilers are converting to woodchip fuel and McVicars can supply in truck loads.

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